Greater Spokane Progress’ Major Accomplishments

GSP has a long track record of bringing diverse groups together to combine our organizing power and win – and it’s made a difference!

Why Race Matters Workshop (2019)

GSP has delivered our Why Race Matters Workshop: History, Systems, and Strategies to more than 100 nonprofit and governmental entities.

AMP (2019)

GSP hosted Western States Center’s AMP – Activist Mobilizing for Power conference in Spokane

Immigrant Rights (2018)

GSP worked with NDS to mobilize support to pass the Spokane Immigration Ordinance prohibiting ICE & Border Patrol activity in non-public areas of city property.

No on Prop. 1 (2017)

GSP helped convene the No Discrimination Spokane (NDS) coalition to defeat Prop-1 – the anti-immigrant profiling initiative.

Fair Chance Hiring (2017)

GSP worked with SJS to pass the Spokane Fair Chance Hiring Ordinance.

Raise Up Washington (2016)

GSP helped win I-1433 to Raise Up Washington by increasing engagement of Eastern Washington organizations.

Prop. 1 (2015 – 2016)

Helped win Prop. 1 – Yes for Buses by developing a diverse coalition and getting out the vote.

MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge (2015)

GSP and Smart Justice Spokane (SJS) helped win national support for reducing over-incarceration and racial disparities though the MacArthur Foundation’s Safety and Justice Challenge award to Spokane County.

Racial Equity Training (2015)

GSP organized a racial equity training for 100 individuals representing over 30 organizations. For example, the GSP Racial Equity Committee coordinates the GSP Racial Equity Trainers Cohort to lead the racial equity training Race: The Power of an Illusion.

Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council (SRLJC) (2014-2015)

GSP and SJS successfully advocated for the Spokane Regional Law and Justice Council to appoint members from communities of color and form a Racial Equity Subcommittee.

Blue Print for Reform (2013-2014)

GSP worked with SJS to influence the Criminal Justice Commission’s final Blue Print for Reform and the criminal justice reform process.

Propositions (2013)

GSP helped member organizations pass two ballot measures: Police Accountability measure passed with 70% of the vote. Library bond passed with 66% of the vote.

Smart Justice Spokane (SJS) (2012)

GSP convened Smart Justice Spokane to bring the power of over 30 organizations to end mass incarceration and eliminate racial disparities in the Spokane County Jail.

Marriage Equality (2012)

GSP helped win marriage equality by 51% in the City of Spokane by working with a local committee of leaders to turn out voters.

Complete Streets Ordinance (2011)

GSP helped pass the City of Spokane’s Complete Streets ordinance.