The easy steps to become the leader in you precinct…

The easy steps to become the leader in you precinct caucus in case you don’t have an elected voting precinct officer (PCO). Why we don’t call the VPOs I have no idea.

1. Find parking and plan to walk as was the case back in 2008 in where I live .
2. Bring the copy of the sign-sheet you downloaded from
Where you first clicked on “find your caucus”
Or you can fill out a sign-in sheet at the check-in desk.
3. The meetings starts at 10 AM, so you need to be there prior to that start time. It will be a confused mess. You are doing you civic duty. Deal with it.
4. Help pay for the rental of the building, so bring a small contribution.
5. Get the big envelope for your voting precinct. A VPO will have it you there is one already elected in our voting precinct.
6. My precinct will meeting in a big building with some 150 other precincts. So after some instructions from some person-in-charge, you go find a table or a corner of the room to meet (caucus) with the registered voters who also live within your voting precinct.
7. first some has to be the CHAIR, so if you don’t have a PCO (precinct captain), your group has to choose someone.
8. Next someone needs to volunteer to make the minute (easy see below)
and other person needs to volunteer to total up (tally) all the sign-in sheets for Sander, Clinton, undecided, person X , person Y, and etc. etc. etc.
9. If someone just wants to hand-in there sign-in sheet and leave at this point they can, do so.
10. After the total for Sanders, Clinton, etc are made, then people can change their presidential preference.
11. Now you can try and persuade any undecided to vote for your preferred candidate.
12. Next a new tally is done.
13. Now there is a bit of math to do. It is easy if you bring a calculator like I am planning.
a. Divide the total attending by the number of votes for Sanders total 10 by 6 = some fraction as 0.60
Divide the total attending by the number of votes for Clinton total 10 by 4 = 0.40
b. Now in your big envelope will be a note telling you how many DELEGATES your voting precinct is allocated. This is based on past election turn out in your voting precinct. For example, say SIX (6)
c. Now you have to multiply 0.60 x 6 = 3.60 or three Delegates for Sanders
0. 40 x 4 = 1.60 or two Delegates for Clinton
4/6 =2/3 (5) but wait you have one delegate left over so now you have to flip a coin to see who gets lucky and gets the last remaining delegate.
14. Next the Sanders folks go somewhere and elect 4 or 3 delegates and two alternates for Sanders and the Clinton people go somewhere and elect 2 or 3 delegates and two alternates for Clinton.
14. At this point no late arrives SHALL hand in their sign-in sheets (aka or VOTE) after the delegates and alternates have been elected. To bad, cowboy! Life sucks now and again or all the time for us working class folks.
15. Don’t forget to write up your resolutions prior to showing the caucus. Or you can write one up at the caucus. They will be turned forwarded to the County and State party with all your caucus paper work inside the big envelope containing.
g. The Presidential Caucus SHALL not adjourn until 11 AM.
h. The person taking the minutes (aka the secretary) needs only record the total votes for each presidential candidate. And record the names, of each delegate and alternate. Real simple. I can even do that.
i. Make sure you hand-in the big envelope to the person-in-charge.
Delegates and Alternates will be given a certificate allowing them to take part in the Legislative Cause and the County Convention. At the legislative district cause in April delegates will be elected as delegates to the State Convention and the Congressional District caucus. At the County Convention delegates will get to vote on the County Platform. If a delegate down not show up, at that time an alternate SHALL be authorized attend and to vote. There will be a Congressional District caucus where delegates are selected to go to the National Democratic Party convention.
So in other words, the LD caucus is most important for who will be our next Democratic Party nomine for president.
And the County Convention is the most important for shaping the County Platform.
And the State Convention is a waste of friggen time, if you ask me. Nothing but dog and pony shows and the party bosses making all the big decisions regarding the State Party Platform. So that is why you need to go to all the local Democratic Party monthly meetings, so you can become a big bad-ass party boss. But we live in a dynastic oligarchy where some 47 kings and some 130 billionaire prince buy elections and politicians. But politic is not a specter sport. Opinion polls matter and so does giving candidates a couple buck or two now and again.
If you don’t vote or you vote for a third party candidate, you don’t matter!

Richard McManus
VPO Everett, WA

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