About Us

Greater Spokane Progress is a regional network of socially responsible organizations and leaders working together, as part of the statewide Win/Win Network, to create change in our community and build political power statewide.

The Win/Win Network, the center of gravity for socially responsible organizations in Washington State, provides political analysis, and conducts goal setting, joint planning, and coordinates civic engagement and political programs with partner organizations statewide.

Together, we affect the political landscape by working to increase participation in order to build long-term political power and create a more just society. 

Greater Spokane Progress:

  • Leads and supports regional and local campaigns that create long term structural change, and expand and mobilize the electorate.
  • Provides a high level of coordination and collaboration, and is actively engaging, empowering, and providing additional capacity to partner organizations and underrepresented communities.
  •  Values equity as a norm and builds racial justice throughout our work.
  • Strengthens our partners and develops leadership, regionally and locally.